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You Won’t Believe What This Woman Did When She Met The Men Who Killed Her Entire Family.

May 12, 2014

For three months Imaculee Ilibagiza hid with seven other women in a 3 ft. by 4 ft. bathroom, while members of the Hutu tribe rampaged through Rwanda, slaughtering up to 1 million members of the rival Tutsi tribe.

Imaculee and the other women took turns sitting down, and subsisted on a starvation diet. When she finally escaped to a refugee camp after 91 days of living in mortal fear, she learned that her entire family, except for one brother who was living outside the country, had been massacred.

Eventually she met the men who killed her family and relatives face to face, and she did what, to many, would seem unthinkable. She forgave them. In the process she has become a global icon of the power of forgiveness to heal and to set free. 

Imaculee's story beggars belief, and should be shared to the ends of the globe. 

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