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This Teen With Down Syndrome Just Got His Acceptance Letter To College. His Reaction Is Priceless.

April 17, 2014

Naoh Van Vooren has made national news once again, and once again it's on account of his infectious upbeat spirit.

The first time was when Noah scored his first touchdown for the high school football team he had served faithfully as waterboy. Now this viral video showing his reaction when he received his acceptance letter to Edgewood College in Madison Wisconsin is making the rounds.

"It says, Dear Noah, Yes … 2014-15 school.’ I got accepted!” Noah shouts after he opens the letter and begins reading. “Yes! Dad, you rock, I love you!"

That Noah would ever go to college seemed like more than a long shot 18 years ago. "He was born 18 years ago and the doctors told us that he'd never walk, talk or do anything," his father said after Noah made the news for his touchdown. "And to see him 18 years later, to do this, is amazing, amazing."

(Note: Some people think they hear Noah swearing at the beginning and the end of the video, but he's actually saying "Bucky Badger," which is the University of Wisconsin's mascot.) 

Check out a news story about Noah's first touchdown here. 

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